missmoonlight74 (missmoonlight74) wrote in lippy_feedback,

Positive feedback to Neelofar Spleenkarimi!

(sorry I know your name only from Lippy_addicts on facebook and Gothauctions....not on lj!)

I received this unicorn today!!!

Button Front Ruffle Jacket, Item #83-201

here it says
** No Longer Being Made **

And I got this sample, in the brocade version!:)

Fast transaction, I even got it as international signed delivery, I paid US$60.00 total....my birthday present!!
Thank you!!!

And....since it's a sample, I'll post a review: it's unlined and it looks only very slightly faded, I don't know if it's the fabric, if it's the production...but luckily there is a Chinese laundry near home and I'll have it re-washed with dark grey - I think that the ivory scrolls would become even better in dark grey and the faded black will become....well, darker;)
There are so many rose buttons (like the War of the Roses line) and a ribbon at back, black trims, it's gorgeous!! No size/fabric content tag, but it fits me perfectly!:) (and I know it's 97% cotton&3% spandex!)

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